Hearts' Desires. Romance. 2012

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Hollywood actor Vance van Sorel struggles with a failing marriage and a career that merely creeps along, when he is cast as a last minute replacement in the love story "Hearts' Desires". Internationally acclaimed director Alison Cartwright, who plans to make this movie the crowning project of her career, is not happy at all with the cast accompanying her to the set in South Africa. For Vance the return to his home country becomes bittersweet, and he has to deal with his unexpected attraction to Alison. They share the enthusiasm for their work, but given the fact that he is married and Alison's commitment phobia, the advances of one of his co-stars and the stress of the filming, a Hollywood happy ending seems unlikely for Vance. In the middle of this turmoil of love, jealousy and frustration, the film team is taken hostage by a group of desperate rebels on the run.